Is your family & home protected with the recently updated smoke detectors?

Replace old Smoke Detectors for new Photo Electric Smoke Detectors for

$130 Incl Gst each!

Any more than 2 we will do it for

$110 Incl Gst each

Being in the electrical trade, we are told about the most updated products that come on the market. When a device has been brought to our attention Such as the “Photoelectric Type” Detectors, which will save our clients lives & properties and respond faster than the earlier “Ionisation Type” Detectors, we only see fit to share the important info we have received. The information is directly from the Fire & Rescue services and it stated the following point which you may find interesting.

Photoelectric Smoke alarms:

  1. Give earlier warning of smoldering fire (the most common domestic fire)
  2. Provide the best detection across a range of fires
  3. Are more likely to alert occupants in time to escape safely
  4. Also less prone to nuisance alarms, therefore less likely to be disabled to stop annoying unwanted alarms.
  5. Do not contain RADIOACTIVE material

This Research was carried out by Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council.

Conditions- Must be straight replacement in same position from existing
hard wired smoke detector to new smoke detector