Want to Slash 2/3rds off your lighting Bill?

Replace your old Expensive Halogen Downlights over to our latest state of the art LED Downlights. Our LED Downlights are dimmable with Universal & Trailing edge dimmers.

For this Month, we will install your new LED Downlights for only:

$80 Including Gst Each!        

If you have more than 10 lights you need replaced, we can do it for:

$70 Including Gst Each!

We can also retrofit your beloved Architectural type fittings and replace the driver and LED Chip for:

$60 Including Gst Each!

Benefits of our New LED lights

  • Use 80% less energy than halogens (See comparison below)
  • Much cooler to run
  • Look like halogen
  • Same colour rendition as halogen
  • Multiple sizes for different size cutouts
  • No need to change light globes
  • Dimmable with Universal or Trailing Edge dimmers
  • C-Bus compatible
  • 3 Year replacement warranty
Estimated Energy Cost Comparison
Light Source Annual Energy Cost ELTM/10 Usage Usage Comparison
50 Watt Halogen $39.99pa 78% less power
35 Watt Halogen $27.99pa 69% less power
11 Watt ELTM/10 LED $8.8pa Annual
calculation based on lights on for 8 hours per day using Energy Australia's Domestic All Time tariff of 27.39 cents first 1000kWh per
(Published 01 July 2013)
Comparison made against 35/50 watt halogen typically found in home and office downlights and wall lights