Residential Electrical Service

In our lives today, we make use of electricity on almost everything that we do; from turning on the lights, the heater, the television, the computer – we need electricity everywhere. Yes, you can change the light bulbs by yourself, but for higher skilled tasks, it’s better if you opt for a professional electrician in order to avoid re-doing jobs or causing accidents with electrical mishaps which would cost you more.

With our 15 years of servicing residents across Sydney, we at E4 Electrical, will bring you a tradition of excellence and customer satisfaction in installing proper electrical systems in your home.

For our Residential Electrical Services, we offer:


Why do you need to upgrade or install new switchboards when the one you have is still working for decades?

We can’t deny that everything we have now, from appliances to devices, needs electricity to run. Old switchboards are generally unable to handle this huge need for power supply. This would cause frequent power tripping or worse, fire, due to short-circuit.

At E4 Electrical, we assure you that we only install the latest and safest switchboards. Our professional electricians will make sure that the switches they install are safe from short-circuiting to prevent fire and electrical shocks. We can also rewire everything for you so that there will be enough power supply for all your appliances and devices. Our electricians can help you decide if it’s best to use either the single phase meter or the three phase meter for your household.


A beautiful home is not complete without proper lighting. At E4 Electrical, we use LED light bulbs since they are cheaper, cooler, last longer and are environmentally-friendly. You can ask us to customize them for you to suit a specific room in your house.

We also specialise in installing pendant lights anywhere in your home. Another specialty that we have is installing pond lights or any other water features to add beauty to your garden and in turn, impress your guests at home.


What’s good about mounting your television to your walls, you say?

Other than it looks totally cool, it is safe especially when you have toddlers in your home. It also saves you a lot of space.

Why would you need a professional to mount your television to your walls?

Mounting your TV to your walls, is not a simple attach-to-the-hook-just-like-a-normal-photo thing. You would need a professional electrician to make a recessed outlet so that you don’t route your TV’s power cable through the wall because it’s not rated for in-wall installation.

Other than a wall-mounted television, another thing that would add a flare for your entertainment area would be installing surround-sound speakers, to give you that ‘in cinema’ feeling.

At E4 Electrical, our professional technicians will help you install your appliances and keep the cables away from the reach of children and out of sight. We also make sure that there would be no intersecting cables and overloaded outlets.


A house with cold temperature inside can be dangerous to your health. It promotes mold formation which causes allergies or any other respiratory problems.

E4 Electrical offers floor heating and heated towel rails, to help keep you comfortable, clean and safe from both mould and moisture.


Wouldn’t you want to live in a house that you can operate the lighting, temperature or security with a single control panel?

At E4 Electrical, we offer home automation installation to give you convenience, comfort and security with just a touch of a button. And with the advancements on network cabling, you can control your other appliances with remote access from the internet. You can even use your smartphones to check on security.

We keep our skills and products used up-to-date with the latest advancements on technology to make sure that we provide only the best for our clients.