Commercial Electrical Service

Unlike a residential building, commercial buildings need an electrician with greater skills and expertise. Installing electrical systems for your building not only needs to be safe, but also has to follow the rules and regulations implemented in your area.

At E4 Electrical, we make sure that our qualified electricians are up-to-date with the standards so that your company will be protected by obtaining the proper permits and inspections.

We offer only the best, be assured that we do our installations with maximum safety and speed so you can continue with your business operation as quickly as possible.


E4 Electrical electricians are power and data installation specialists. We understand how crucial data installation is for your business to run effectively. We also offer data cabinet installations, where we survey your area first in order to give advice on the proper type of cabinet for your business’ needs. We make sure that the data cables are properly attached and are not intertwined with each other, to keep everything neat and to make sure that they serve their purpose efficiently.

At E4 Electrical, safety is our concern. That is why we offer switchboard and safety switch installations or upgrades. Safety switches is a must for every establishments as it is your first defense in the event of electric shock. Circuit breakers might protect your appliances from sudden power surge, but safety switches protect your life.


In order to call in customers, your establishment needs to be visually enticing and really shout for attention. What better way to do this other than installing shop lights and surround sound system?

We at E4 Electrical understands that a professional image for your establishment adds credibility to your business that’s why our electricians are also experts when it comes to shop lighting layouts. Proper lighting, other than helping showcase your merchandise, will make you look successful compared to looking like an unfinished store that was in a hurry to open up to the public.

As well as setting you up with great lighting layouts, E4 Electrical also offers installations of surround speaker system, wall-mounted television and projector setups. All to make your establishment look professional and to allow a more enjoyable shopping or living experience for your customers.


We know that running a business can be hectic, that is why we offer complete control of your electrical systems with one panel. With the commercial automation installation, you have automated controls on your lighting, sound, air-conditioning, security all in one place.

At E4 Electrical, we make sure that the appliances or installations you have matches the sophistication of your business.