As a residential builder of architecturally designed alterations and additions we have been working with E4 for over 3 years all our electrical works. Our clients appreciate their attention to detail and workmanship. E4 provide excellent detailed quotations and happy to guide clients through the construction process. The Team at E4 provide detailed work reports so we always know where they are on a specific project. E4 Electrical do what they say when they say they will do it.

As a builder we need a reliable subcontractor who sticks to their quotes and provides the right quality of work. E4 came highly recommended and have met our expectations.

We used to have electrical subcontractors provide quotations and then hit us with 10-40% variations. E4 are realistic in their pricing, and unless the client has varied the design, there have been no increases based on under quoting to win the job

E4 Electrical provide Upgrade Constructions with all electrical works on our residential alteration and addition construction projects.

The Team at E4 are friendly, open and willing to get the job done.


Upgrade Constructions